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Vegan Diet, Healthy Meal, Best Healthy Snacks, Easy Meals To Make, Quickest Way To Burn Fat Vegan Diet, Healthy Meal, Best Healthy Snacks, Easy Meals To Make, Quickest Way To Burn Fat Correct Nutrition Deficiencies Here are the most common deficiencies we see: Water (low-level dehydration) Vitamins and minerals Protein (particularly in women and in men with low appetites) Essential fatty acids (95% of the population is deficient here) STEP 2: Adjust Food Amount I’m not talking about calorie counting here, I’m talking about calorie control. Here are some guidelines to help you get started: For Women: 1 palm of protein with each meal 1 -2 fists of vegetables with each meal 1 cupped handful of carb dense foods at some (1-2 per day) meals 1 thumb of healthy fat at most meals For Men: 2 palms of protein dense foods at each meal; 2 fists of vegetables at each meal; 2 cupped handfuls of carb dense foods at most meals; and 2 thumbs of fat dense foods at most meals STEP 3: Adjust Food Type Look Out For Food-Like Products What are food-like products? They are any “foods” that have been genetically modified for one reason or another. I would argue that 100% of the time it’s to make money. Food manufacturers keep three things in mind when creating a food-like product: What will make the consumer re-buy (usually they put addictive chemicals in them) What will set off the smell and taste sensors to make people think they NEED to have this product?

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